Equine Communication Workshop with Ronnie King 12th to 15th May 2022

What is animal communication? There are many forms of communication. My particular role is connecting with the animal on an intuitive and sometimes physical level. It can help with issues that may arise and also guide you towards a deeper understanding of your fellow companions.

Is this something anyone can do?

Absolutely – How much and to what degree depends entirely on you and your horse. My name is Ronnie and would love to say to you that I have been doing this sort of work all my life but it would be untrue. I am in fact a late starter, as far as animal communication is concerned (I started on my spiritual path many years ago which led me onto practising as a medium) but it was the arrival of my new mare in May 2005, that started me on this journey. Without going into to much details (it would take far to long) I was aware Toots had a few physical problems but wasn’t sure where the problem originated from.

I found myself doing all the usual rounds of vets, chiropractors, and anyone else who I thought could help her, which they often did for a little while but I found it so frustrating as they could not find the reason for the problem. I have since realised that everyone has a free will including animals if given the opportunity and it is not in my power or my right to fix everything.
However I do believe I have helped in most cases from the feedback I have received and this is something I will continue to do to the best of my ability, by listening to the animals and to pass on any messages they are trying to say.

I have to thank my lovely mare and my previous horses, for encouraging me to go beyond my boundaries in search for answers and in the process I’ve found a wonderful gift within myself. It’s something we all possess and perhaps you just need a little help and encouragement to help you see your true potential. We all need a little encouragement from time to time, wherever you may be in your life.

I’m continually searching and I don’t have all the answers but I did make a promise that I will do my very best to help any animal that comes my way and asks for help (which they do believe it or not) and the beauty is they don’t have egos or judge you in any way but they do have a genuine desire to help us all and for this I am truly grateful. https://www.facebook.com/equinevoices.co.uk

Come and join us for this fascinating course, working with our fabulous herd of horses, a lot of them rescued. The course is split over 2 days, the sessions which still give you time to relax, ride or soak up the sun by the heated pool.

Price per person 500 € (approx 425 pounds)

Price includes airport transfers, (from Malaga airport) 3 nights accommodation based on 2 people sharing (single room supplement of 40 euros per night) all meals and wine with evening meal, plus use of horse during course.
Please note flights are not included in the price but are usually cheap when booked a few months in advance.

Non participating friends or partners are welcome. (non participating price 250 €)

*extra nights if you would like to extend your holiday 70 euros per night including meals (110 euros with single supplement)
Bitless and barefoot riding can be booked for your spare time at 25 euros per hour

Please contact June Wolfe
(0034) 660 294 457

For more detailed information on the course, you can contact Ronnie here: equinevoicesronnie@gmail.com