Fundraiser home made craft items to purchase

Sea glass necklaces  20 pounds 

Prices include postage

*prices are in pounds due to the fundraiser being uk based

We hate to purely ask for money which is why we have added our home made craft items to our fundraiser so that  you can purchase something and help us at the same time.  You can also pledge a deposit on a future holiday, with the date to be confirmed once we all know what is happening! You can pay a deposit of as little as 25 pounds against a future holiday – don’t forget , we are not just for riders, non riders also enjoy a lovely relaxing holiday, with the pool, mountains, stylish accommodation, country walks and cultural cities close by.  There is also the option to sponsor a horse or pony.

To date, most of our bookings have always been from Uk guests meaning that with the re-introduction of the quarantine, almost all of our bookings for the summer have been cancelled and at too short notice to refill the dates with guests from other countries.  It has also meant that people are too scared to think about booking holidays for the future , knowing that things can change so quickly. We really need your help, even sharing our fundraiser is doing your bit. (and donations start from just 5 pounds!)  Thank you so much for reading and for anything you can do to help, we really appreciate it.

See fundraiser here