R.i.p dear old Hercy 1991 – 2016

“He had his final party, he kicked up his heels in glee, he ran around his paddock and said thanks for letting me be me.”

Our dear old Hercy died today, very suddenly, aged 25. He had a fantastic day yesterday, enjoying the sun and galloping and bucking around the sand arena, full of the joys of spring (and a few hours eating grass too smile emoticon ) We expected him to live to 35 and we are in deep shock and sadness. Hercy was one in a million he touched the hearts of all who rode him, not many horses could be relied on to take tiny children unled, or stay behind the ride in walk while everyone cantered. (or give me fantastic energetic canters when I pressed the right buttons smile emoticon ) I loved him with all my heart and I don’t know how I am going to cope without him, or seeing his cute little face every day. The rest of the herd are going to miss their good old Uncle Hercy too, he was the horse they all relied on if anything made them nervous, if they had to pass a monster or needed the confidence to go in a new direction. So glad you didn’t suffer Hercy, couldn’t wish for more really but I wish you hadn’t left me xxxx