Scarlett , bitless, barefoot and bareback – after a lot of patience she is finally getting there :)

In April this year (2017), Scarlett had an operation to remove her ovaries .  She had been suffering terribly with hormonal problems and was causing herself injury, as well as disrupting the herd. Luckily for us, our vet was able to sterilise her.   An added bonus since the operation is that she has finally calmed down when ridden too!

She still wouldn’t be described as a beginners horse but as you can see from the photo, if she can be ridden safely and securely in canter, bitless and bareback, she is really getting there !

Scarlett has been out several times this week as lead horse and has behaved perfectly. We are really excited that , now that she can be ridden regularly, she can only get better and better .