Twiggy’s story

Born 4th June 2005

Twiggy can be ridden by all abilities and is good for heavier riders

Twiggy was very thin when she was born, due to her mum, Bonny’s, illness in late pregnancy, hence the name.  Bonny, being a young mum with her first foal, was not amused to begin with and every time poor Twiggy tried to suckle she kicked out at her.  This was quickly solved by holding one of Bonny’s front legs up and Twiggy soon grew into a lovely chunky bay foal, with a heart shaped white patch in the middle of her forehead.

Twiggy had slightly crooked legs when she was born but the vet assured us that it would not cause her any problems and it hasn’t, though it is interesting that  her front feet have taken on a strange almost duck bill platypus shape, to compensate for her legs. We were advised to try shaping them to a more normal shape but that if they persisted in growing back to this shape then it was obviously how they needed to be and it has worked – she is perfectly balanced and has never had any leg or foot problems – I do wonder if this would had been the case if she had been shod and had her feet filed to fit a shoe!

Twiggy is a loveable little character, though pushy at times but a favourite with our guests, especially teenage girls who love her for her sense of fun and kind nature.  She seemed to be born to be ridden, from just a few months old she would come up to us if we were carrying a saddle or bridle near her and nuzzle it as if to say ‘can I try it on?’ just like a little girl playing dressing up.  Of course we let her try and she loved it! She would stand at the gate when we took the horses out to ride, looking after us almost longingly  and by the time she was three it was obvious that she was ready to start being ridden.  Just like her Mum Bonny, she took to being ridden like a duck to water and was soon confident enough to be used for clients.  The only problem we have ever had with her is fitting a saddle – she is so round and flat backed, a bit like an over grown Shetland pony, and a normal saddle would make its way forward , ending up on her  neck!  We now use a treeless saddle on her and this has cured the problem.

Though Twiggy has always had the other youngsters to play with, even now she is still very close to her Mum – the pair make a comical sight, both big and round, standing together like a terrible twosome,  Twiggy is proof of the nature versus nurture debate – she has the same pushy attitude as her mother, even though her upbringing has been completely different , when the food is being put out, watch out, you might just get run over by a pair of hairy elephants!