Why bitless?

If you have had a chance to read about the horses, you may have read ‘Capri’s story’. As explained in her story , she was the start of our bitless and barefoot journey and thanks to her, we have changed the lives of the rescue horses we have taken on over the years and of course our horses born here have never had a bit in their mouth or shoes on their feet, or felt a whip on their skin. When guests first ride with us , we take time at the start to explain how we ride, with loose reins (a smile in the rein), relaxed, with only the lightest touch. Less really is more, and our horses will work happily for you with the slightest encouragement – if you try to bully them by kicking or pulling they will not understand and may be confused.

Guests often comment that our horses are so calm and don’t react to situations that may have made their own horse run across a field. I explain that when you have loose reins and are relaxed, the horse is also relaxed, meaning that if you see something up ahead that you think might make your horse nervous, and maybe you tense up, with traditianal tight reins and bit, your nervousness is transmitted to the horse down the rein, but with loose relaxed reins this doesn’t happen. Sometimes guests are a bit sceptical but once they have tried it they often want to start riding bitless at home.

There is an ever growing following now for bitless riding, all over the world, and it is great that we can offer riders who are already on the bitless journey , the chance to enjoy a holiday without going against their principles. If you do ride with a bit at home though, don’t worry, it is really easy to adjust your riding style while you are here and enjoy some happy hacking 🙂 .
You can even try riding in just a neck rope (cordeo) , we are happy to show you how.