Direct bookings versus instant booking sites such as Air bnb – which do you use?

How do you search for your holiday? 

I must admit to being guilty of mainly using Air bnb in the past as they present the photos so nicely .   

It’s only since we have been using them to advertise our own holidays that I have realised how much extra you pay on the price of your holiday when booking with these instant booking sites. 

Last night I took a booking for August.  I will actually get almost the same amount as a direct booking, the commission we are charged more or less equates to what we would lose in card or transfer fees with a direct booking. I am totally shocked though by how much extra the guests is paying. 

The service charge to Air bnb on last night’s booking for just a 7 night holiday is 152 euros!  This means that with our commission too, Air bnb are making almost 200 euros on a 1 week holiday booking. This is disgusting, especially when you think of how big they are and how many bookings go through the site. 

So how should you book your holiday rental?

My point of this blog is to say that when you book a holiday , wherever you are going, by all means do your search on the instant booking sites but why not spend a few extra minutes searching the holiday rental on line and save yourself some money. We make sure that there are plenty of clues in our title for online searches but sadly people rarely bother searching.  

Another problem for us when we take bookings through Airbnb is that we don’t see any money at all , until after the guests arrive and they can also cancel at quite a late date and we don’t get any money.  

I feel so frustrated every time we get a booking through Air bnb, it is sad to see how much extra our guests are paying but unfortunately most people seem to want to use these instant booking platforms these days so we have no choice but to advertise with them.  

We are getting quite booked up now for the summer holiday weeks, through Air bnb,  I really hope that it doesn’t mean that there is no space for our lovely repeat guests – if you are thinking of booking with us, please don’t leave it too late, we would love to see you!   

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