Have you lost your riding confidence? Our fantastic riding confidence course with Tracey Cole NLP from 23rd to 26th May can help you

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Make 2022 the summer that counted. The summer where you learnt confident riding and unlearnt the doubts, what ifs and anxiety. The summer you found a new trust and bond between you and your horse, because you changed how you think and how you act. Join us on this 3 night/2 day rider confidence course. Begin to enjoy your riding and the freedom to ride the way you know you really can.
The training starts by opening up the mind to change, persuading the mind that there is another way to ride. Then we begin to change unhelpful habits and create a new way of thinking and riding. Together we remove old perceptions and giving you the mental tools to be confident, no matter your riding goals, how long you’ve felt ill at ease or how the fears were established.
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  • Non course participants welcome if sharing a room ,  
  • Price can be adapted for locals wishing to come on a daily basis – ask for details