A magical December afternoon with Capri

This afternoon it was so hot and sunny, I decided to do a bit of light riding on my 24 year old mare Capri in the arena, with the aim of trying her in a cordeo. For some reason she decided that she didn’t want me to ride her and every time I moved the mounting block, she stepped forward – I turned it into a game for a while, as she seemed to be enjoying the teasing, and I was in no hurry but then I decided to forget riding her, she was in such a playful mood, it seemed a good time to do some liberty ground work. It was amazing, and so heartwarming and enjoyable – she stuck to me like glue, making turns, trotting, halting, all to my voice commands, we have never done this together before, but i can’t wait to do more with her. Even when her friend Scarlett called her over to the fence, she had a quick sniff in passing, but then continued to follow me!